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You want free stuff? well I just found this exiting web site that does just that. BUT its by invite only. now thats a real bummer if you dont know anyone that is already a member..I had that problem. I was looking high and low for a invite but Alas I got it. and I want to spread  my, how its done? well..... you must have a email to have the invite sent to. it will be most likely be in your spam folder. once you have the invite CLICK ON IT!!!
and enroll. you earn 2  ptz for every video you watch. and there are login points, daily points.
soon there will be games and much more added to make it way easier to make your ptz.
checks this out too..............

Forget the World Cup. LOL at the X Games. It’s time for the greatest competition in the history of the universe: March Radness! An all-out, no holds barred contest where the prize is not some little gold medal — but rather the best honor of all: exclusive access to the March Redemption.
It’s between USA and international members to see who gets the most PTZ between March 8th and March 25th. These PTZ can come from most watched videos in PLAY, login PTZ, most accepted invites, and most answers to the Dailies. If US members beat out international members, they’ll have a private redemption. If members in the rest of the world score higher, the redemption is theirs AND we’ll choose the best time for our international members.
It’s going to be a fierce competition, with great players from around the world. Dave and Anthony will be here to give you updates on who’s pulling ahead and what’s new with the latest score. We’ll post the rules tomorrow. March Radness starts right now, so show your PTZ power and help your team to victory!
Be sure you have your country selected in your settings. Otherwise, all your PTZ won’t work to help your country win. Here are the rules:
1. Team US includes all members living in the 50 states. Members in all other countries, including Canada, are part of Team International.
2. March Radness takes place between March 8, 2010 at 6 PM Eastern and March 25, 2010 at 11:59 PM Eastern.
3. The winning team will have the most total PTZ, including PTZ for videos watched, PTZ for dailies, PTZ for logins, PTZ for accepted legitimate invites in the given time period. Zlisters still get double points for all activity.
4. The winning team — and only the winning team — will participate in March’s redemption.
5. This redemption will happen in only one wave.
6. Members are only allowed to redeem one (1) item.
7. There will be no exchanges, no returns, no cancellations and no PTZ refunds on redeemed prizes.
8. Use of any bots, cheats or fraud will result in immediate order and membership cancellation.

so if you like what you see then let me know and I will gladly send you a invite.
so leave me a note with your email. ( it will NOT be abused. I dont play that)
now you must subscribe to my blog to have the invite too. 
if you need a invite send me a email with your email. and I will send it promptly.

just a few of many prizes on the site!

100 PTZ

200 PTZ
325 PTZ

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Miley Cyrus Fail


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